Complying with the latest DCA Malaysia (DCAM) requirement on the Part M – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), Galaxy Aerospace (M) Sdn Bhd offered individual or fleet continuing airworthiness management for the client thru its CAMO office. This services includes;

  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Technical Services & Consultation for SB, AD
  • Documents and Archive Management
  • Liaison with Maintenance Contractor
  • Airworthiness Review Report (ARR) for Certificate of Airworthiness issuance or renewal

Other services that are offered by our CAMO office are;

  • Quality assurance auditing
  • Aircraft record review and audits
  • Aircraft surveys
  • Aircraft physical inspections and reporting

Notes: GAM had received its CAMO Part-M approval from DCA Malaysia

(Approval No Ref: CAMO/2016/03). Please contact us for further details on capabilities covered under this approval.