Galaxy Aerospace (M) Sdn Bhd (GAM) thru its Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Part-145 division offer various services to the client. We are working close with the OEM and local authority (DCA Malaysia) to ensure our maintenance activities reach the standard set by the manufacturer and at the same time fulfill client requirements or expectation.

The maintenance activities offered could be according to the client Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) or customized to their operation needs. Among others, we offered standard/ routine maintenance services as follows;

  • Aircraft Schedule Maintenance Inspection
  • Radio Annual Inspection
  • Annual Compass Swing
  • Pitot Static Calibration
  • Defect Rectification
  • Modification Embodiment
  • SB & AD Compliance
  • Database Update
  • ELT Programming
  • Special Inspection

Notes: GAM had received its Part-145 approval from DCA Malaysia (Approval No Ref: AMO/2016/02). Please contact us for further details on capabilities covered under this approval.